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  • New Massageworks Clients

    If you are a brand new client to our office, please use one of the two choices found here for scheduling your first time appointment at our office.
    • New Insurance Client
      Brand new to Massageworks and planning on using your insurance? Great! We will contact you to go over your benefits prior to your appointment.
    • New Cash Client $50
      New/First time 1 hour introductory massage 
  • Medical/Injury Treatment Massage

    This is goal-orientated corrective therapy helpful to individuals who suffer from an assortment of health conditions or injuries. The focus is providing permanent pain relief, fast injury healing, correction of soft tissue dysfunctions, including postural deviations, and increasing flexibility and range of motion

    Most major medical Insurance accepted, as well as MVA, Personal Injuries, and Labor and Industries. Please verify your medical insurance will cover massage therapy. Prescription may be required from your MD or Chiropractor at first appointment.

  • Relaxation Massage

    Well-known & most offered type of massage. This massage deals with the soft-tissue structure of the human body by means of a variety of long flowing and deeply relaxing strokes. Perfect for your first time experiencing a relaxing retreat.

  • Pregnancy Massage

    This massage is customized for the mother's-to-be, easing the many physical and mental stresses unique to an expectant mother, when choices for relief, such as medication, are limited. Prenatal massage s a popular complementary therapy. 

  • Hot Stone Massage

    Heated  Basalt stones are used to massage  the body.  The direct heat in combination with soothing massage strokes deeply relaxes and releases tension held within the muscle tissue.

  • Aroma Touch Therapy

    A clinical approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians of the back and feet to help balance the nervous systems of the body, reducing emotional and physical stressors, creating an unparalleled grounding experience for the recipients. 



10312 120th Street E, Suite # 9, Puyallup, WA, 98374


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